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 Recent News 
08/29/14 CPFL Announce New Commissioner
The CPFL has promoted David Edlow from Head Referee to League Commissioner effective immediately. David has been a part of the league for 5 years where he has spent 4 years as the Head Referee. Previous commissioner Terry Winfree will be league president as he will work with David Edlow. The league has also announced that Jerrad Davis will work as a league consultant with Terry Winfree and David Edlow. The CPFL will look to fill two more positions as Conference Point of Contacts to represent the American and National Conferences. Commissioner Edlows first state of business was to promote Danny Dunn to Head Referee. Danny has been part of the league for the past 5 years traveling from Nebraska to Southern Missouri refereeing games. The league officials are talking to multiple teams that could join the CPFL for the 2015 season. As of right now, 11 out of the 12 teams from last season has verbally committed to play in the CPFLs 9th season.
06/05/14 League Suspension
The Central Plains Football League is suspending Gabe Frank Team Owner and Player of the Kansas City Bulldogs for violating league rules in both a player and owner capacity as follows: As a player Mr. Frank should have served a self imposed suspension during the game played May 17th for having been disqualified by ejection from the game on May 10, 2014 pursuant to league rules. As a player he will serve a suspension for the game to be played June 7. As an owner, Mr. Frank should have imposed the suspension noted above and not have allowed a player to participate on May 17th who had been disqualified/ejected from a game on May 10, 2014. For failure to do so Mr. Frank shall be suspended as a player during the first game played by his team in the 2014 playoffs. During both of the above mentioned suspensions, Mr. Frank can participate at any CPFL game as an owner, (even at those games played by his team) although such participation shall be from the press box, or, if not available, from an area that is fan accessible. He shall not have access to the playing field nor players. No coaching or other type communications with the team will be allowed. Mr. Frank has agreed to the above mentioned suspensions and will be served accordingly.
04/22/14 Titans and Nightmares Reinstated
The collective team owners of the central plains football league have agreed to reinstate the Taney County nightmare and the Springfield Titans for the remainder of the 2014 schedule. Both teams have agreed to a 1 week suspension (already served) and the payment of a fine to the league for unauthorized forfeit of games. The central plains Football League believes that reinstatement of both teams is in the best interest of the league, its players, fans, and member organizations.
04/14/14 Titans and Nightmares Suspension
The Central Plains Football League (CPFL) by unanimous decision of its owners and commissioners have deemed it necessary to remove from the 2014 schedule 2 of its teams for conduct detrimental to the league. The remaining 2014 schedule will be modified to accommodate the removal of the Taney Nightmares and Ozark Titans. The CPFL will continue to offer Arena Style 8 man Football to its multitude of teams, players and fans, allowing for competition, sportsmanship and family football entertainment. For game schedules see CPFLFOOTBALL.COM.
 Top Players 
Team:  Season:
Rushing Yards
1.  Davis, Rob 640 
2.  Black, Chris 596 
3.  Venson, Bryant 516 
4.  Thompson, Zach 285 
5.  Brown, Curtis 232 
6.  Wells, Shon 214 
7.  Porath, Zak 194 
8.  Nesbitt, Al 155 
9.  Smith, Jordan 133 
10.  Thompson, Deonte 133 
Yards Receiving
1.  Kurtz, James 409 
2.  Evans Jr., Terry 325 
3.  Henderson, Ariez 210 
4.  Ferguson, Joe 186 
5.  Glover, Ashton 109 
6.  Yates, Jeremy 108 
7.  Hill, Derreck 106 
8.  Woods (50), Da'Quain 100 
9.  Rambo, De'Rion 96 
10.  King, Johnathan 93 
Solo Tackles
1.  Rogers, Brian 38 
2.  Bratzler, Dusty 29 
3.  Williams, Donnell 24 
4.  Hazley, Nathan 23 
5.  Buchheister (BKN), Michel 21 
6.  Owens, Marley 19 
7.  Pirowski, Samuel 19 
8.  Shaw, Trey 19 
9.  Jackson, Antoine 17 
10.  Haire, Demon 16 
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